Scripture Study While You Wait
February 1987

“Scripture Study While You Wait,” Ensign, Feb. 1987, 65

Scripture Study While You Wait

Christmas, birthdays, and a baptism had brought each of the five members of my family a beautiful set of the new editions of the scriptures. I thought it a shame to let the old sets sit on the shelf and do nothing but collect dust, so I came up with an idea.

I put one set into the pocket behind the front seat of the car. Another set, protected by a sturdy plastic bag, went under the seat of the truck. A third set went into the camper, and the two remaining sets went into our two bathrooms. I also found that a small paperback Book of Mormon fit nicely into a zippered compartment of my purse.

Now when the doctor’s receptionist informs me it will be another forty-five-minute wait, when the soccer coach says they really should practice another hour, or when I go to meet my husband’s train at 5:30 and learn it will not be in until 7:00, I’m prepared. I can turn that waiting period into a time of productive scripture study.—Charlene Wintch Higuera, Concord, California