BYU Increases Tuition
February 1987

“BYU Increases Tuition,” Ensign, Feb. 1987, 79

BYU Increases Tuition

The Board of Trustees of Brigham Young University approved a 4.5-percent increase in tuition charged undergraduates, effective January 1987.

For Church members, undergraduate tuition increased from $775 to $810 per semester to keep pace with inflation and the rising costs of operating the university, according to BYU President Jeffrey R. Holland.

Tuition for graduate and advanced standing students increased 4.44 percent, from $900 to $940 per semester. Law School and Graduate School of Management students are also paying 4.44 percent more, or $1,525 per semester.

Tuition for nonmembers is one and one half times the figures listed above.

BYU’s tuition hikes have been less than the national average the past few years, according to education reports. The national average increase for last year was 7 percent.