Year-Round Christmas Spirit
December 1986

“Year-Round Christmas Spirit,” Ensign, Dec. 1986, 47

Year-Round Christmas Spirit

While I was growing up, our family focused our Christmases on the Savior and the blessings that his life and mission brought us. Instead of pictures of Santa Claus and reindeer, Mother displayed pictures of the Savior. We traditionally held Christmas Eve devotionals, where we read accounts of the Savior’s birth from the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. We shared testimonies and sang Christmas carols. We commonly shared plates of cookies, Swedish tea rings, clothing, and toys with other families, often anonymously.

But Christmas wasn’t the only time we centered our thoughts on the Savior. A picture of the Savior hung in our living room in a prominent place. Pictures of our temples and latter-day prophets were hung throughout our home. Dad printed favorite scriptures and had them framed. In family home evenings and at other special times our parents shared their testimonies, and a love for the Savior and his latter-day prophets was planted in our hearts. And throughout the year, our parents shared their time and means with those around them. The spiritual feeling of the Christmas season became a daily and monthly experience.

Now, as a mother in my own home, I reflect upon the legacy my parents provided me. I realize that we need to focus on the Savior continually. By doing this, we can extend the spirit of Christmas throughout the year.

Maria T. Moody
Bountiful, Utah

Illustrated by Steve Kropp