Sharing the Season
December 1986

“Sharing the Season,” Ensign, Dec. 1986, 46–47

Sharing the Season*

Our family has a tradition that helps us begin the Christmas season with a spirit of giving. During a family home evening near the end of November, we carefully select a family to share our Christmas with. Then, beginning twelve days before Christmas Eve, we leave a gift or treat on their porch every evening. A note is placed with the first gift explaining that two rings on the telephone will announce the arrival of a gift on the following eleven evenings.

We do not reveal who we are, so delivering the gift without being observed is a real challenge. We’ve had some exciting close calls.

When we shared a Christmas with nonmember neighbors it was gratifying to note how our feelings changed toward them. The year we shared with a family whose mother was terminally ill became particularly fulfilling when a member of their family commented that they didn’t need to do extra cooking for the holidays: someone was anonymously helping. It became even more special when the father of that family stood in testimony meeting and thanked whomever had done this service. We all sat trying to look innocent, but we were happily bursting inside.

It takes extra time and effort to keep up this tradition, but it’s worth it! Like nothing else, it helps to make our Christmas season a spiritual experience, especially when we see our children learn the joy of sharing with others.

  • Name withheld by request