Single Adult Programs Change, New Guide Issued for Singles Wards
May 1986

“Single Adult Programs Change, New Guide Issued for Singles Wards,” Ensign, May 1986, 105–6

Single Adult Programs Change, New Guide Issued for Singles Wards

The First Presidency has announced that those who have formerly belonged to the Church’s Young Adult, Young Special Interest, and Special Interest groups are now part of two new groups: Young Single Adults, and Single Adults.

Guidelines for those attending single adult wards have also been modified.

Young Single Adults are aged 18 through 30. Single Adults are 31 and above.

The changes were announced in a letter sent to priesthood leaders April 1. Accompanying the letter was a copy of the Church’s revised Single Adult Activities Guide.

Organizationally, each ward is to have a mature married couple as Young Single Adult advisers. They “should assist in organizing activities, teaching and training, providing continuity, and serving as role models,” the First Presidency wrote.

These advisers are members of a ward committee for single adults which should also include a member of the bishopric, a member of the Relief Society presidency, a member of the elders quorum presidency, and quorum and Relief Society representatives for both the Young Single Adults and Single Adults.

“Where justified, each ward is to organize a Young Single Adult Gospel Doctrine class … with special emphasis on the challenges that face young single adults,” the letter said.

The revised Single Adult guidelines provide flexibility for age divisions within the general categories. They allow bishoprics to organize home evening groups for single adults who have no children and do not live with their parents; where necessary, these may be organized across ward boundaries, with the approval of the stake presidency.

The guidelines also provide for leaders to organize “interest groups in the ward or stake to bring together single adults with common interests.”

The First Presidency also announced changes in the guidelines governing singles wards. The changes are contained in a new Church statement, the Student and Single Adult Wards Guide for Priesthood Leaders.

In an accompanying letter sent to priesthood leaders, the First Presidency noted the following changes, which take effect June 1, in the guidelines for singles wards:

  1. “Membership in single adult wards is to be limited to those unmarried members 21 through 30 years of age.”

  2. If membership of a singles ward within a stake drops below approximately 200, the ward “should be discontinued after an appropriate period of transition.”

  3. “Single members may not cross stake boundaries to be members of single adult wards in other locations. Rare exceptions can be made only with the approval of the appropriate Area Presidency.”