And Bless Our Car

    “And Bless Our Car,” Ensign, Oct. 1985, 39

    “And Bless Our Car”

    My heart was full that morning when our son said in our family prayer, “And Heavenly Father, please bless our car.”

    That afternoon our son David and I and our two-year-old, Spencer, were driving down the freeway in the fast lane going 55 miles an hour; David was driving. Suddenly, without warning, nuts and bolts were flying up against the window, as if someone were hurling objects at us. Horrified, I said, “Oh no, David, our tire is coming off!”

    A split second later we saw the tire flying ahead of us. When it was clear, David moved into the middle lane, and then into the right lane. He was able to maneuver the car onto the shoulder of the road—on three wheels. No one was hurt, and the roving tire weaved in and out of traffic until it came to rest off the road a mile ahead.

    As we sat in the car catching our breath, our small son’s prayer echoed in my heart: “And Heavenly Father, please bless our car.” Yvonne Supinger, Hayward, California

    Illustrated by Phyllis Luch