To Be Opened in July 1992

    “To Be Opened in July 1992,” Ensign, Sept. 1985, 63

    “To Be Opened in July 1992”

    “To Be Opened in July 1992.” A box bearing this label sits on the top shelf in a storage closet in our home. And our whole family awaits this momentous date.

    We planned our family time capsule in a special monthly family home evening with our married children and their families. For several months we had all gathered information, pictures, tapes, and mementos. With tape, we sealed these in a box then dated and stored it away.

    Some of the items we included were—

    • Tapes including the voices of each of our thirty-three family members. We sent a tape to Brazil for our missionary son to add his voice and testimony. We also included a tape of a grand-daughter’s violin recital.

    • Pictures of each member of the family.

    • Timely mementos, such as memorabilia from our daughter’s wedding that year—a pressed flower, an invitation, and photographs.

    • Art work, samples of hobbies, and some newspaper articles telling of specific happenings in our state and in the world that year. One family made a collage showing their activities.

    • A questionnaire filled out by each family telling where they lived, the style of their homes, the year and make of the cars they were driving, and their hobbies, activities, and church callings. Most important, each family summarized their goals—what they hoped to accomplish by the time the capsule was opened in ten years.

    I warmly picture the family home evening in 1992 when, together, we open this treasured box. Wanda West Badger, Salt Lake City, Utah