Good Morning!

    Good Morning!” Ensign, Sept. 1985, 64

    Good Morning!

    Are you plagued with morning moodiness? Perhaps you’ve noticed, as I did, how your own irritability can spread contagiously through your whole household. The remedy I’ve found for my grouchy attitude takes just seconds, and it gets me—and my whole family—off to a more positive start.

    Each morning, just after I’ve finished my scripture study or while I’m still lying in bed, I “program” my attitude. I think of compliments and comments that will lift my family’s spirits and then actually picture myself telling each one the things I’ve imagined. In my mind I hear myself praising them, visualize their happy expressions, and feel the warmth of their hugs.

    Amazingly, when I actually do greet them in the mornings, the comments I’ve imagined seem to tumble out involuntarily. Knowing what to do, my mind follows through with hardly any effort. Even better, the cheerfulness is catching, and negative, grumpy remarks are crowded out.

    Smiles, hugs, and warmed hearts. What a return on such a small investment of time! Sharon Bigelow, Cedar City, Utah