Music Brought Me Comfort
February 1985

“Music Brought Me Comfort,” Ensign, Feb. 1985, 55

Music Brought Me Comfort

We were two thousand miles away from our home in Alberta, Canada, visiting our daughter’s family. My husband, who had sprained his ankle the evening we arrived, was in the hospital with a blood clot. He lay in a bed, immobilized, with an IV in his arm.

As I left his room after my first visit, I felt a little blue. I was in an unfamiliar place, lonely and worried about the responsibilities we had waiting for us at home.

Our daughter wanted some things for the baby, so we stopped at a department store. Because I didn’t feel like shopping, I walked over to a clerk demonstrating a beautiful electric organ.

“Do you play?” he asked.

“Only a little,” I replied.

“Sit down and try it then.” I sat and softly played “Wooden Heart” and then “How Great Thou Art.” Suddenly I heard a lady singing along with me. Her rich soprano and the sound of the organ had attracted people from all over the store. The clerk pushed button after button until the organ sounded like a whole orchestra. Suddenly I felt strong. The words of the song brought me a message. We would get home safely, everything would be all right. The blessing of the music and words at that time seemed heaven-sent to lift me up, and I thanked my Father in Heaven for the power of sacred music. Verna N. Forsyth, Welling, Alberta