A Calling I’d Enjoy

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“A Calling I’d Enjoy,” Ensign, Feb. 1985, 55

A Calling I’d Enjoy

How can I teach Primary? I had thought to myself when I was asked to teach the children in our small branch. The idea of teaching was uncomfortable to me, and I wasn’t sure I had the patience to teach children.

But I accepted the call—not because I wanted it or liked the idea of teaching, but because I had decided to accept all calls, and because I felt the Lord knew better than I did what was best for me.

Those first few meetings were a real struggle. The children were well behaved and ready to learn, but I had never enjoyed teaching and came from my meetings feeling frustrated and discouraged. I told the branch president to find someone else, and prayed that I might get a calling I’d enjoy.

However, as the weeks went by and no replacement was called, I found that I was learning much about my Heavenly Father and the Church through the lessons; I read the scriptures more, and I actually began to enjoy my assignment. The Lord answered my prayers in a way I had not expected.

Instead of giving me a new calling, he taught me to enjoy the one I had. Glenna Nilsson, Worsley, Alberta