Young Women, Primary Offices Will Be Moved
October 1984

“Young Women, Primary Offices Will Be Moved,” Ensign, Oct. 1984, 79

Young Women, Primary Offices Will Be Moved

Offices of the Primary and Young Women organizations will be moved to the Relief Society Building at 76 North Main Street in Salt Lake City, the First Presidency has announced.

The move will be completed before the end of 1984.

Primary President Dwan J. Young, Young Women President Ardeth G. Kapp, and Relief Society President Barbara W. Winder will all have offices on the second floor of the building, where the Relief Society offices are now located.

All three auxiliary leaders expressed support for the move, noting that it would offer valuable opportunities for coordinating their programs. “We’re delighted with the move,” President Winder said. “We feel it will be a real advantage for us to be together and work on our common concerns.”

President Young agreed, noting, “Visitors will be able to see how one program builds on the others, working to strengthen all three.”

President Kapp said the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary will be “pooling resources and sharing personnel where we can serve organizational needs that are common to all.”

The Relief Society Building

The Relief Society Building will also house the Primary and Young Women general offices. (Photography by Eldon Linschoten.)