Student Performing Groups Are Worldwide Ambassadors
October 1984

“Student Performing Groups Are Worldwide Ambassadors,” Ensign, Oct. 1984, 79–80

Student Performing Groups Are Worldwide Ambassadors

From Thailand and Hong Kong to Belgium and the Netherlands, young Latter-day Saint entertainers from Brigham Young University and Ricks College spent the summer spreading a message of love and goodwill to queens and commoners.

Seven groups from BYU traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world.

The Chamber Orchestra met enthusiastic audiences in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. The Ballroom Dance Company also toured the Far East. Two groups of Young Ambassadors covered many parts of the United States and performed at the New Orleans World’s Fair.

BYU’s Lamanite Generation took their variety show, featuring music and dance of American Indian, Polynesian, and Latin American cultures, on a six-week tour of Europe. And the American Folk Dancers participated in the Schoten Folk Festival in Belgium and the Brunssum and Holten folk festivals in the Netherlands.

Representing Ricks College, the Showtime Company performed throughout the midwestern and southern United States. Members of the Valhalla Folk dancers took part in dance festivals in France and Switzerland, also performing in Holland, Germany, and Austria.

A number of performing groups from LDS institutes of religion were also on tour.

Typically, the message of love and brotherhood offered by the LDS touring groups is rooted in gospel principles. The message and the obvious wholesomeness of the performers have given many boosts to missionary work. Via live and broadcast or videotaped performances, potential audiences number in the millions each year.

Performers from Russia were among the new friends Ricks College students made at a folk festival in France.