Winners of the 1984 Writing, Music, and Art Contests

“Winners of the 1984 Writing, Music, and Art Contests,” Ensign, Mar. 1984, 47

Winners of the 1984 Writing, Music, and Art Contests

Ensign Writing Contest

Article Division

First prize ($250), Sandra A. Petree, Hays, Kansas, for “Building Bridges” (see page 50); second prize ($150), Penelope W. Swenson, Quincy, California, for “Sweet William”; third prize ($100), Laura R. Marble, Midland, Texas, for “A New Heart and a New Spirit.”

Short Story Division

First prize ($250), Tom Williams, Vernal, Utah, for “Jubal on the Mountain” (see page 58); second prize ($150), Alma J.]. Yates, Snowflake, Arizona, for “Amanda’s Miracle Child”; third prize ($100), Caren Llewelyn, Kearns, Utah, for “Grandpa Hillary.”

Poetry Division

First prize ($75), Anita Tanner, West Valley City, Utah, for “Water Master”; second prize ($60), D. H. Drake, Pleasant Grove, Utah, for “Forever Now”; third prize ($50), J. Elaine Lattimore, Greenwood, Indiana, for “The Amber Yield.” Winning entries appear on pages 54–55.

Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest for Women

First prize ($75), Cheryl Davis, Bountiful, Utah, for “I Can Still Hear Grandmother’s Visions”; second prize ($60), Alice M. Bailey, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “Lone Woman: Charity (Arms) Everts” ; third prize ($50), Joanne Ward, Idaho Falls, Idaho, for “Harvest Grain of God.” Winning entries appear on pages 56–57.

Joel Hills Johnson Music Contest

Song Division

First prize ($200), Nonie N. Sorensen, Salt Lake City, Utah, for “My Friends Ye Shall Be Called”; second prize ($150), Dan Carter, Provo, Utah, for “Come unto Him”; third prize ($100), Dennis Griffin, Logan, Utah, for “Our Family Loves to Sing.” Honorable mention: Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “Love Is.”

Hymn Division

First prize ($200), Carolee Green, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Theodore E. Curtis, Sr., (deceased), for “Awake and Arise.” (see page 63); second prize ($150), David B. Chamberlin, Rochester, New York, for “Harvest”; third prize ($100), James Welch of Santa Barbara, California, and John Sears Tanner of Provo, Utah, for “Bless Our Fast, We Pray.” Honorable mention: John Craven, Coquitlam, B.C., Canada, for “Priesthood Hymn.”

Children’s Song Division

First prize ($200), Thelissa Young Zollinger, Englewood, Colorado, for “A Song of Faith”; second prize ($150), Elizabeth P. White, Mesa, Arizona, for “I Think of Baby Jesus”; third prize ($100), Carole Preston Pursley, Thatcher, Arizona, for “I Can Almost Remember.” Honorable mention: Catherine Chivers Johnson, Falls Church, Virginia, for “Primary Makes Me Happy.”

Anthem Division

First prize ($200), Dan Carter, Provo, Utah, for “From Regions of Glory” (text by Parley P. Pratt); second prize ($150), Joseph H. Downing, Evanston, Illinois, for “Sing Praise to God”; third prize ($100), Janice Kapp Perry, Provo, Utah, for “The Truth Has Been Restored.” Honorable mention: Sylvia K. Riggs, Bell, California, for “The Lord Is My Shepherd.”

Ensign Art Contest

Painting Division

First prize ($300), “The Crossing” by Glen Hopkinson, Cody , Wyoming; second prize ($250), “Brothers Keeper” by Marcus Alan Vincent, Mercer Island, Washington; third prize ($200), “Darlene’s Afghan” by Nancy Crookston, Pocatello, Idaho. Winning entries appear on pages 64–65.

Drawing Division

First prize ($200), “Jeremiah” by Charles A. Muldowney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; second prize ($150), “Samson Against the Philistines” by Charles A. Muldowney; third prize ($75), Untitled by Mark Parker, New South Wales, Australia. Winning entries appear on pages 64–65.

Photography Division

First prize ($200), “Calm River” by Richard Porter, Provo, Utah; second prize ($150), “Peace in Prayer” by Donald Wetter, Tempe, Arizona; third prize ($75), “Rachel” by Rex Strother, Seal Beach, California. Winning entries appear on pages 64–65.

Sandra A. Petree; Tom Williams; Anita Tanner; Cheryl Davis; Nonie N. Sorensen; Carolee Green; Thelissa Young Zollinger; Dan Carter; Glen Hopkinson; Charles A. Muldowney; Richard Porter