Harvest Grain of God

“Harvest Grain of God,” Ensign, Mar. 1984, 57

Harvest Grain of God

Eliza R. Snow Poetry Contest Winner Third Place

Tiny seed of my body,

Blessed fruit of my womb,

Would that I might guide thee

Even beyond the tomb.

Would that I might nourish thee,

Watch thee,

Weed thee,

Love thee,

Lead thee,

Would that I might light thee

Against the darkest doom.

Budding love of my love,

Flower-breath of my sigh,

Would that I might home thee

In heaven after we die.

Would that I might strengthen thee,

Root thee,

Raise thee,

Ripe’ thee,

Reap thee,

Would that I could gain thee

Celestial worlds on high.

Precious child of my bearing,

Cherished spirit child of God,

Would that I might keep thee

From the choking sod.

Would that thou might drink

From the waters of His laud.

Would that thou might be

White harvest grain of God.