Is This What You’d Give Me?

“Is This What You’d Give Me?” Ensign, Feb. 1983, 57

“Is This What You’d Give Me?”

One day my mother, Linnie P. Gold, related an experience to me that has shaped my life ever since.

She said that after World War II Church members were asked to donate clothing for the destitute people in Germany. My mother was therefore collecting from our drawers and cupboards well-worn discards that were too good to throw away. Suddenly she heard a voice say, “Is this what you would give to Me?”

“Oh, no,” was her immediate cry. And she quickly began gathering the best clothes in the house. As editor of the ward newspaper to be printed the next day, she quickly penned a poetic appeal for clothes. Readers were deeply touched by the appeal and responded in abundance.

I know now why my mother gives so very freely and is always doing things for others. She gives to Him. Cherry G. Wolf, Hillsboro, Oregon