Policies and Announcements

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Feb. 1983, 80

Policies and Announcements

The following items appeared in the December 1982 Bulletin.

Ancient Writing and the Book of Mormon (English Language Only). A new filmstrip, Ancient Writing and the Book of Mormon (VVOF3186, $2.50 each), is now available (in English only) at the Salt Lake City Distribution Center. It shows the consistency between ancient record-keeping practices and Joseph Smith’s account concerning the gold plates. It shows many examples of ancient writings on metal and of stone boxes where ancient records were stored. It can be used in missionary work, seminary and institute classes, family home evenings, and firesides, and wherever the Book of Mormon is being taught.

Latter-day Saint Student Association. The Latter-day Saint Student Association functions on most campuses where an LDS Institute of Religion exists. It provides meaningful activities for LDS students and can be an effective missionary tool.

Sigma Gamma Chi and Lambda Delta Sigma are also a part of the approved Church program for LDS students. These programs strengthen college-age men and women and allow LDS students to have an influence in student affairs through their representation on interfraternity councils.