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“Contents,” Ensign, Jan. 1983, 1


January 1983

Volume 13 Number 1

On the cover: Scenes from the new Church film Morality for Youth. See page 74 for further information.

Inside front cover: Photography by Eldon K. Linschoten

Inside back cover: Photography by Anselm Spring

This month we begin a series of photographs by Latter-day Saint photographer Anselm Spring of Landsberg, Germany. Recognized as one of the great photographers of Germany, Brother Spring was a premier advertising and fashion photographer during the 1970s. Now he concentrates on editorial, calendar, and book photography, and is consistently featured in an international array of prestigious publications and presentations.

“When I became 28, a series of personal and beautiful experiences with the Spirit turned me to look for God,” Brother Spring says. “Soon I was prepared to receive the Book of Mormon. I became a member of the Church.

“One of my desires has been to present symbolic visual images, visual parables, of eternal truths. The gospel story has a beginning on earth, of course. So, when I look at this photograph, I think of the Creation. The mists of the morning, the beginning of things, are still there. The Creation is completed. God is resting from his work. Life is there—and the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. Yet His light, His Spirit, is still here. So peace abides. When I look at the scene I feel that God has said that it is all “very good.” He is well pleased at the beauty he has given us in this morning of time. He turns the world over to his children for their keeping. It is all something that, through our love and his love, can eventually have everlasting beauty and reality.”