Policies and Announcements
January 1983

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Jan. 1983, 79–80

Policies and Announcements

The following items appeared in the November 1982 Bulletin.

New Motion Pictures and Filmstrips. New motion pictures and filmstrips are now available in the following formats at the Salt Lake City Distribution Center.

The Restoration of the Priesthood contains the message of the restoration and is a sequel to the motion picture The First Vision. It helps both members and nonmembers grasp the reality and significance of the restoration of the priesthood and the Church. A filmstrip version (VVOF3889) is available for $2.50. 16mm motion picture copies (VVMP2472) are available for $75.00 each.

Morality for Youth states the Lord’s standard for morality and provides parents, priesthood and auxiliary leaders and teachers, and seminary and institute teachers with a springboard for discussion with youth to help them stay morally clean. A user’s guide is enclosed. A filmstrip version (VVOF3878) is available for $2.5; 16mm motion picture copies (VVMP2483) are available for $80.00 each. Instructions on how to use this audiovisual product are to be closely followed and will come through your Executive Administrator and Regional Representative.

Videocassette 8 contains the Morality for Youth and The Restoration of the Priesthood motion pictures. It also contains three other motion pictures: Families are Forever; The Seattle Temple; The House of the Lord; and For the Strength of the Hills. VHS copies (VVVH0089) or BETA copies (VVVB0087) are available for $34.95 each.

Safety Precautions in Use of Copy Machines. Wards and stakes must use caution in placing and using spirit duplicator machines. The chemical methanol used in the fluid for these machines is extremely toxic and can cause illness and blindness. Those responsible for this equipment should check its location to ensure that adequate fresh air and excellent ventilation are available. Please heed the warnings printed on the machines and on the fluid container.

Wholesome Entertainment. Church members should seek out wholesome, appropriate entertainment. Such entertainment may include that which is provided by professional performing artists or theatrical groups who uphold Church standards of morality and decency. Performers who provide wholesome entertainment in accordance with Church standards should be encouraged and patronized.

The following statement has been issued by the First Presidency regarding the upcoming National Safety Sabbath, to be observed next month:

“We are pleased to endorse the efforts of the National Safety Council and to join with churches across the nation in observance of National Safety Sabbath February 11–14, 1983.

“Reports of tragedies which could have been prevented are the cause of grave concern. Statistics show that approximately 100,000 deaths and 10,000,000 disabling injuries are results of accidents each year. The most common threat to life and well-being in the home is not crime and violence, but home accidents.

“We urge members of the Church to take proper precautions, to observe safety regulations and careful conduct in order to preserve the sacred life and health which have been given to us.

“Safety Sabbath is an appropriate time to teach safety principles to the young, and to take inventory of safety measures in homes and automobiles. The National Safety Council estimates that approximately 12,000 lives per year would be saved by the use of safety belts in cars. Prudence in the use and storage of power tools, hand tools, medicines, chemicals, and flammable materials can prevent needless death and personal harm.

“We join with the National Safety Council in urging all to observe reverence for the sanctity of life which has been given. We counsel members to heed safety responsibilities in the home, at work, and on the road. We recommend to all members the example of Jesus Christ whose love and concern for his fellowman guided his actions, that they might be for the benefit of others.

“It is our prayer that members, through many small efforts, will make this world a safer and better place in which to live.”