Chart for Display in the Home

    “Chart for Display in the Home,” Ensign, Oct. 1982, 63

    Chart for Display in the Home

    In Case of Fire:
    Get the family out of the house fast!
    Notify fire department from nearby phone.
    PHONE NUMBER: ______________

    Preparation for Fire Emergency:

    • 1. Smoke Detectors: Install at least one for every level and for each set of bedrooms. Test all detectors at least monthly.

    • 2. Practice EDITH (Exit Drills in the Home):

      • Sleep with bedroom doors closed.

      • Roll off bed; crawl on hands and knees to door.

      • Feel door—if warm or hot DO NOT OPEN. Use secondary exit. If door feels normal—open partially, check for smoke; if clear (or only light smoke), crawl to primary exit.

      • Meet at a prearranged location outside the house. Count noses.

      • Have someone assigned to phone fire department from neighbor’s house.

      • Do NOT go back into the house, but stay on hand to give information.

    • 3. Keep a lid on grease fires.

    • 4. Install solid-fuel burning devices to meet fire and building codes.

    • 5. Turn water-heater thermostat setting to “Low” or “Warm.”

    • 6. Do not leave children alone in the bathroom or the kitchen. Keep cooking utensils turned away from children’s reach.

    • 7. Practice Stop, Drop, and Roll.

    • 8. Keep an ABC fire extinguisher in your home. Know how to use it.

    • 9. Remove multi-electrical cords and cube taps.

    • 10. Store and handle flammable liquids properly.

    • 11. Cool the burns with water.

    Illustrated by Scott Greer