Simplified Missionary Discussions, Shorter MTC Training
October 1982

“Simplified Missionary Discussions, Shorter MTC Training,” Ensign, Oct. 1982, 78–79

Simplified Missionary Discussions, Shorter MTC Training

Missionaries assigned to English-speaking missions are now using a new, simplified version of the discussions to teach the gospel. The content remains the same, but the approach is now shorter and more conversational. Because of this simplification, the discussions are easier to learn, easier to teach, and easier to understand. Translation of the new version into additional languages is in process.

The current version is compatible with the previous version. Missionaries who learn the new discussions will have no difficulty teaching alongside companions who use the longer version. And missionaries who have already learned the discussions are not required to learn the new set.

The numbering system has changed slightly: the discussions are listed by number instead of by letter, and the baptismal challenge is not considered one of the seven discussions. But the format is identical with the previous version—the lines to be learned are printed in boldface type, and suggestions for questions, scriptures, stories, and examples are printed in lighter type. The accompanying pictorial flipchart is also unchanged.

Since the discussions now require less learning time, all missionaries assigned to English-speaking missions (except Canada) are staying at the Missionary Training Center in Provo for only two weeks instead of three. This shortened stay, which became effective in July, was also prompted by the reduced length of missionary terms for young men—from twenty-four to eighteen months.

Stake missionaries and prospective missionaries are encouraged to learn the new version. They may obtain copies by writing Salt Lake City Distribution Center, 1999 West 1700 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104. (Stock no. PBMI8461, $2.00 per set.)