Genealogy of the King James Bible
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“Genealogy of the King James Bible,” Ensign, Sept. 1982, 70–71

Genealogy of the King James Bible

Some other translations in English since the KJV

Genealogy of the King James Bible

Lines indicate major sources of influence only. The “c.” designates an approximate time reference.

Rheims-Douai Version 1582, 1610, 1749

Revised Version 1881, 1885

American Standard Version 1901

Revised Standard Version 1956–1962

New American Standard Bible 1963

Jerusalem Bible 1966

Berkeley Bible 1945

New English Bible 1961, 1970

New American Bible 1971

The Living Bible 1976

New International Version 1978

* Portions [of the King James Version] were received by revelation. The Books of Moses were also influenced by the writings of earlier prophets.