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“Contents,” Ensign, Sept. 1982


September 1982

Volume 12 Number 9

On the cover: Manti, Late Afternoon Autumn, by Randall Lake, 20″ by 24″, oil on canvas, 1980. In artist’s possession.

Surely our temples are unique among all buildings. They are houses of instruction. They are places of covenants and promises. At their altars we kneel before God our Creator and are given promise, through our faithfulness, of his everlasting blessings. Here, by the power of the holy priesthood, we are bound together as families in the most sacred of all human relationships under a seal that time cannot destroy and death cannot disrupt.
—President Gordon B. Hinckley

Inside front cover: Nauvoo Illinois, 1859, by Joh. Schröder, 10″ by 13″, oil on metal. Located in the Church Historical Department.

This painting shows Nauvoo (with the Mississippi River in the foreground) some thirteen years after President Brigham Young led the westward exodus. The most prominent structure is the west wall of the Nauvoo Temple, all that remains of that edifice after a fire in 1848 and a tornado in 1850. The artist’s writing in the lower right-hand corner identifies Nauvoo as an “Icarian community.” The Icarians were a French group whose beliefs were based on communal living.

Inside back cover: Family, by Jeanne Leighton Clarke, 45″ by 53″, oil on canvas, 1982. Located in the Harris Fine Arts Center at Brigham Young University.