Simple Communion
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“Simple Communion,” Ensign, Aug. 1982, 7

Simple Communion

In the matter of prayer,

I often kneel

to reach

across an unknown void

to God who seems to dwell beyond the stars;

and straining thus,

to thrust my spirit,

across immensities

of time and space,

I find myself at last benumbed,

all my thoughts scattered,

wandering pointlessly.

But now and then

my urgent need

combines with love of God,

and I forget the notion of

a dark and endless void

that I must cross.

My heart cries out;

my spirit stays upon its knees;

I feel that God remains

within his great eternal range,

but suddenly I find that

time and space no longer are

for God and me!

He is with me.

I kneel indeed within the circle

of his love, before his feet.

Photography by Eldon K. Linschoten