Portable Keyboard Instrument Available
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“Portable Keyboard Instrument Available,” Ensign, Aug. 1982, 80

Portable Keyboard Instrument Available

A portable electronic keyboard instrument, the “Casiotone Model CT-101,” is now available for meetinghouses with Church participation. This four-octave keyboard weighs seventeen pounds and can be adapted to any electrical current. The built-in speaker is adequate for small chapels and classrooms, but can be used with an external amplification system as well.

The instrument has several sound options, including organ and electronic piano, harpsichord, flute, cello, and mandolin. It can easily be placed on a table and used as a supplementary instrument in standard meetinghouses for opening exercises and in classrooms where an organ or a piano is not available. Its range accommodates the playing of all Church hymns.

Accessories include a volume pedal control, a sustaining pedal control, a soft carrying case, a hard carrying case, and a stand.

The instrument and its accessories can be ordered for Church units from the Purchasing Division of the Church, 50 East North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150.