An Ordinary Truck
June 1982

“An Ordinary Truck,” Ensign, June 1982, 65

An Ordinary Truck

Caught on a little-traveled country road in the plains of West Texas during a flash flood, our little foreign car quickly flooded out, leaving us stranded. Water was rushing over both edges of the road, rising fast, and pastures on both sides of the road were already awash with the ominous sound of fast water.

My husband and I immediately offered silent prayer. Before we had completely finished, a pickup truck pulled in front of us and stopped. We hadn’t seen any traffic to that point, and we didn’t see the truck approach. The driver, his weatherbeaten face and crooked teeth flashing us a smile, pulled a chain from his truck, then towed us through the high water to a hilltop where we waited out the storm’s fury.

As I looked at that man, I realized the Lord needs our hands to do his work on earth, and I wondered if I am always ready to respond. There is work to do in visiting teaching, his work, and I hope I can be as ready as the man in the rain was.—LaVonda Johnson, Wichita Falls, Texas