Where Did Summer Go?
June 1982

“Where Did Summer Go?” Ensign, June 1982, 72

Where Did Summer Go?

I decided in May 1980 that I couldn’t send my children back to school one more year thinking “Where did the summer go?” So the children and I sat down at the beginning of the summer and set some goals. We decided that these goals would be fun to work at, but they must be accomplished in time for a family fair at the end of the summer.

Our goals were varied and included projects in physical fitness, music, arts and crafts, education, and homemaking skills. We also kept a scrapbook of fun places we visited and fun activities we did during the summer.

The day before school started, we set up tables in our home with aft of our “summer fun” items on display. What a delight it was to look at the tables and to be able to actually see “where the summer went!” Each child displayed his own Sesquicentennial, 4-H, Scouting, and other craft projects. We invited our neighborhood friends to see our display and enjoy refreshments which the children had learned to cook during the summer. In the evening, we invited grandparents for a little program of new music skills we had learned.

We had an enjoyable and eventful summer, and our family grew in love and appreciation, knowledge and skills. Then, when the time came, I sent my children back to school with a sense of accomplishment. Maureen Gordon, Blackfoot, Idaho