Make Your Own Spotlight

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“Make Your Own Spotlight,” Ensign, Oct. 1981, 62

Make Your Own Spotlight

Most 35-mm slide projectors can be adapted to function as a spotlight by cutting a hole in the center of a two-inch-square metal aperature plate or a stiff paper, and inserting it in the projector as you would a slide. The light beam which shines through the opening in the plate can be focused on a subject or actor the same as when projecting slides on a screen. The size and shape of the hole which is cut in the plate is up to the user, and many variations can be devised. Several aperature plates can be made to suit the need, and some experimentation may be required to obtain the desired light pattern. Colors can be added by holding a colored plastic sheet in front of the lens of the projector.

There’s no need to do without a spotlight for your ward productions when you already have one sitting on your library shelf. Arnold J. Gregrich, Tooele, Utah