Greeting-Card Quiet Books

“Greeting-Card Quiet Books,” Ensign, Oct. 1981, 61

Greeting-Card Quiet Books

A few years ago, when I was our ward librarian, I found many old 9″ by 12″ pictures from outdated Sunday School kits. I covered them with plastic and made four large quiet books for our ward. They are still being used and are in good condition after six years of crunching, chewing, and being stepped on.

Recently I made the same kind of quiet books from a collection of children’s greeting cards that were too beautiful to throw away. This is the method:

1. Cut cardboard, poster board, or construction paper to a uniform size (4 1/2″ by 6 1/2″, or according to your preference).

2. Paste or glue greeting cards (I cut off the message) onto both sides of the stiff paper.

3. Cut pieces of medium-weight plastic (NOT Clear contact paper) one inch larger than the paper page.

4. With a sewing machine, stitch closely around the paper.

5. Trim three sides 1/4″ from the seam line.

6. On one side, leave a border about 3/4″ wide. Using a paper punch, punch a line of holes along this border.

7. When you have completed as many pages as desired, crochet the book together along the punched border. (You might wish to crochet around the front cover for added design.)

The cost of making these quiet books is minimal, and small children enjoy them immensely. Judith A. Gile, Richmond, Vermont