Satellite Hookup Approved for U.S. Stake Centers

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“Satellite Hookup Approved for U.S. Stake Centers,” Ensign, Sept. 1981, 75

Satellite Hookup Approved for U.S. Stake Centers

In a letter to stake presidents in the Continental United States dated 25 June 1981, the First Presidency indicated that it is approved to “install satellite receivers for audio and video reception at stake centers in the United States. Initial programming for the system will include General Conference (including the General Priesthood Meeting), the General Relief Society Meeting, and the General Young Women Meeting. Other programs are anticipated in the future.”

Thus, with the projected installation of about five hundred satellite reception “dishes” at stake centers in the U.S., the possibilities for direct audio and visual communication between Church leaders in Salt Lake City and members in the field will be greatly expanded. Standard installation in stake centers will include (1) a satellite receiver with a three-meter dish antenna enclosed by a chain-link fence, and (2) a standard color television set, a videotape recorder, and a stand. Cable will be provided for inside wiring to one location.

The First Presidency’s letter was accompanied by information and a brief questionnaire to assist each stake president in determining “whether satellite reception is possible at your stake center.”

It is estimated that the satellite program will be put into effect nationwide within approximately eighteen months.

This satellite receiver “dish” in Fayette, New York, was used to facilitate transmission of April 1980 general conference sessions between Salt Lake City and Fayette. Similar “dishes” will be installed at stake centers throughout the United States. (Photography by Eldon K. Linschoten.)