Learning the Simple Truths
August 1981

“Learning the Simple Truths,” Ensign, Aug. 1981, 39

Learning the Simple Truths

When I was called to be a Primary teacher, my heart sank and a hard, swollen lump formed in my throat. A convert of only a few short months, I had looked forward to holding a Church position. But teaching in the Primary? There were countless other Church positions far more attractive to a college freshman. What could have inspired that calling? I accepted with feigned enthusiasm.

As I was awaiting my turn to be set apart, I silently asked my Father in Heaven to somehow help me understand. The words of the blessing gave me the answer—and the Spirit bore witness to them: “You have been called to teach in the Primary so that you may learn the plain and simple truths that you were unable to learn as a child, because you were not a member of the Lord’s Church. …”

As the pride and doubt in my heart dissolved, a feeling of love encircled me—love for my Heavenly Father and for the children he had entrusted to my care. I would never again doubt his infinite wisdom and love for me.—Patti Jean Angus, Delco, Idaho