At a Roadside Table

    “At a Roadside Table,” Ensign, Aug. 1981, 5

    At a Roadside Table

    They came

    grimy, hungry, worn—

    shedding work gloves, hard hats,

    orange vests—and dropped down heavily

    at a near-by table.

    With surprising neatness

    they unloaded black

    lunch buckets, carefully spreading

    napkins and placing food in

    precise eating order.

    Then, as if by one accord,

    heads lifted, all eyes met …

    heads bowed …

    and while traffic roared relentlessly by,

    one offered a sincere and prolonged

    word of prayer—thanking the Lord

    for all blessings of the day

    and for food prepared by loving hands.

    I, who until then, had looked on

    in silent amusement

    suddenly felt a tightening

    in my throat and a wetness

    on my cheeks.