The Presence of Peace
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“The Presence of Peace,” Ensign, Oct. 1980, 51

The Presence of Peace

Several years ago, during a time of personal crisis, I felt incapable of carrying my burdens any longer, though I had prayed for help many times. I turned for advice to a sister in the ward, who suggested that I pray for the presence of the Holy Ghost to give me peace and comfort.

I followed her advice. I went to my “quiet place,” knelt, and pleaded with my Father in Heaven to grant me the peace and comfort that comes with the Holy Ghost. I was so distraught when I fell to my knees that I was sure only a miracle could bring me peace. Even so, I prayed in faith, then got up from my knees and continued with my household chores. In a short time, I realized that I did have peace—perfect peace. A miracle had occurred.

And it continues to be a miracle to me each time it happens. Sometimes I have to repeat my petition three or even four times before peace finally comes, but it does come. It never fails.

This knowledge that if I try to live worthily I can approach my Heavenly Father, asking him for the Holy Ghost to give me peace and comfort, knowing that I will receive, is one of my most cherished possessions. I believe that it is the peace spoken of in the scriptures “which passeth all understanding” (Philip. 4:7). Esther M. Smart, Salt Lake City, Utah