Is This the Help You’re Looking For?
October 1980

“Is This the Help You’re Looking For?” Ensign, Oct. 1980, 79

Is This the Help You’re Looking For?

No one escapes all the perils of living in today’s world.

Troubling challenges face everyone—family members old and young, students away from home, relatives near and far, cherished nonmember friends.

But help is available. And Church magazines are part of the answer.

For example, here’s a sampling of what your loved ones could experience this month if you gave them the gift of Church magazines:

Timely Ideas for Frustrated Marriages

Love means learning how to solve problems—and stop worrying about who is winning the argument. So says “Winning the Argument or Solving the Problem: Which Do You Want?” an October Ensign article that helps couples remove roadblocks to understanding in marriage.

For Teens: Overcoming Self-image Fears

The basement stairs were tall and narrow, and the furnace grumbled and moaned. Below was a maze of dark, musty corners where two-headed green monsters thronged, just waiting for someone to turn on the light. “Monsters” in the October New Era tells the good news of what happened when the young woman went down and met her fears—and herself—face to face.

A Young Boy’s Understanding of Death

“Autumn Messengers” (October Friend) unfolds the sensitive story about Michael, who comes to understand that his grandfather’s death is as inevitable as the onward journey of the geese that the two of them watch, spellbound, during their last outing together.

Church magazines—the perfect gift for people who want to live happily in a troubled world.