One Glamorous Daisy

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“One Glamorous Daisy,” Ensign, July 1980, 68

One Glamorous Daisy

For three days the paper daisy lay on the piano waiting for a more-deserved spot, some place where it could remind me of the message brought by my visiting teachers a few days earlier.

I found the answer in my gloomy kitchen. Its dingy, white cabinets were scratched, out-of-date, and boring. The unmatched chairs around the table and the tarnished toaster only made the cupboards look worse. What a perfect place to plant a flower!

Two pairs of flowered pillow cases, cut in half, hemmed, and decorated with ribbon transformed the backs of my kitchen chairs. From the remaining cloth I made a toaster cover. Even the cabinets looked better in their cheery surroundings.

And the Relief Society blossom taped to my refrigerator reminds me that help and inspiration come in a thousand different ways—even a single blossom can make a garden. Carolyn J. Freebairn, Salt Lake City, Utah