“Mirthright,” Ensign, July 1980, 37


Near the close of a rather lengthy sacrament meeting one wintry Sunday afternoon, the second counselor in the bishopric stood up to bring the meeting to a close. Upon opening his notebook, he found a folded slip of paper and realized that he had neglected to read it with the other announcements at the beginning of the meeting. He quickly unfolded the note and read aloud: “There is a yellow Ford Mustang in the parking lot with its lights on.”

Kaye Halliday
Salt Lake City, Utah

My mother, who is French, feels self-conscious about her accent and dreads speaking in public, but she nevertheless teaches Relief Society. One day when she was especially nervous about teaching her lesson, my father assured her the other sisters would understand because they probably had fears of speaking in public also.

“Oh, no, my problem is greater!” said my mother. “When I stand before a group, my mind goes blank in two languages!”

Natalie Rutishauser
Orem, Utah

I work for the law firm of Lehman and Nelson. One day, soon after we had hired a new LDS receptionist, she became flustered while handling the phones and answered an incoming call with a desperate, “Laman and Lemuel. May I help you?”

Carol A. Hogan
Las Vegas, Nevada

My husband and I watched with amusement one night as our eighteen-month-old thumbed through the manual after a family home evening. He periodically looked up at us to proudly identify illustrations as “man,” “tree,” and “bird.” His smile suddenly changed to a look of bewilderment as he came to a full-page picture of a somewhat solemn-looking First Presidency of the Church. He pondered the men for several seconds, then smiled as if he understood. “Amen,” he said, and gently closed the manual.

Lezlie Couch
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Our stake has recently begun a fitness campaign. One ward Relief Society started by challenging all the sisters who were not then at goal weight to lose three pounds by the next weekly meeting.

The following week, all sisters who had lost the three pounds were asked to raise their hands. Each sister was then rewarded with a chocolate cupcake.

Susan H. Aylworth
Chico, California

Illustrated by Michael O. Rogan