Two New Pageants Added to Annual Events

    “Two New Pageants Added to Annual Events,” Ensign, July 1976, 79

    Two New Pageants Added to Annual Events

    Two new Church-related pageants are being readied for presentation this summer in San Bernardino, California, and Nauvoo, Illinois.

    The San Bernardino Bicentennial Pageant tells of Mormon colonists sent to California by Brigham Young. Led by Elders Amasa M. Lyman and Charles C. Rich, both of the Council of the Twelve, the group arrived in southern California in June 1851 and settled at San Bernardino. The pageant will be presented June 29 and 30, and July 1–3. The pageant committee plans to make it an annual affair.

    In Nauvoo, members from nineteen stakes and two missions, as well as many nonmembers, will participate in the outdoor musical “City of Joseph” scheduled for August 18–21.

    Other Church pageants are “Missouri, Mormons, and Miracles” in Independence, Missouri, June 17 and 18; the “Mormon Miracle Pageant,” July 8–10 and 13–17 in Manti, Utah; the Oakland, California, temple pageant “And It Came To Pass,” July 13–17 and 20–24; and the Hill Cumorah pageant “America’s Witness for Christ,” July 23, 24, and 27–31. Members in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, are helping to produce a play about the Mormon pioneers in Canada in conjunction with the annual Calgary Stampede, July 9–18.