Song Contest Winners, New Worldwide Contest Announced

    “Song Contest Winners, New Worldwide Contest Announced,” Ensign, July 1976, 78

    Song Contest Winners, New Worldwide Contest Announced

    The Relief Society has announced the winners of the 1975–76 song contest, and has opened the 1976–77 contest to international competition.

    This year’s contest winners are Jackie F. Halversen of Spokane, Washington, first place for “In a Safe Place”; Nancy Lee Oliver of Ephraim, Utah, second place for “Each One, My Sister”; and Janice G. Bishop of Ithaca, New York, honorable mention for “A Fullness.”

    Sister Halversen, mother of three children, is a stake Relief Society education counselor and ward organist for the Spokane Third Ward, Spokane Washington Stake.

    Sister Oliver serves as a Primary Star A teacher and visiting teacher in the Ephraim West Ward, Manti Utah Stake, teaches piano, and has two sons.

    Sister Bishop is a Laurel adviser and Sunday School organist in the Ithaca Ward, Ithaca New York Stake, and has three sons.

    In announcing the 1976–77 contest, the Relief Society presidency said, “For the first time the annual Relief Society Song Contest is open to sisters in all parts of the Church. While the difficulty of comparing music from diverse cultures is recognized, the value of having a worldwide representation outweighs the difficulties. Where possible, English translations and/or standard phonetic pronunciation marks should accompany non-English lyrics, since the majority of Relief Society singers are English-speaking. This year, themes inspired by the Relief Society Nauvoo Monument, such as “the circles of a woman’s influence,” will be given priority by the judges. Contest rules are on pages 45–47 of the new Relief Society Handbook (stock number PERS0055).