New Information on Church Policies
October 1975

“New Information on Church Policies,” Ensign, Oct. 1975, 96

New Information on Church Policies

The following was included in MESSAGES sent to local priesthood leaders from the General Authorities and General Departments of the Church.

Interviews of Prospective Students for Church Schools. Prospective students should not be recommended to attend BYU, BYU—Hawaii Campus, Ricks College, or LDS Business College unless they agree to fully support the standards on these campuses. All prospective students should be interviewed carefully for worthiness and willingness to observe the specific principles of the code of honor and the dress and grooming standards set forth in the form provided the interviewing official. The code of honor and the dress and grooming standards have the full support of the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve. In view of the special expectations we have concerning students in the Church Educational System, it is a serious mistake to recommend an individual for admission—even for rehabilitative reasons—who would detract from, rather than support, the special environment that thousands of others create and rely upon.” (Church Educational System)

Appropriate Music for Church Meetings. Those responsible for selecting music for Church meetings should make certain that music and text are sacred, dignified, of high quality, in harmony with the spirit of Latter-day Saint worship, and suitable to the occasion and circumstances. The text should be doctrinally correct. Since there is so much worthy music, it is not necessary to select music of questionable propriety. The Church Music Department does not dictate what may or may not be used, but offers only general guidelines in this matter (see Handbook for Church Music, 1975, page 18). Final determination should be made by the presiding priesthood leader in consultation with appropriate music personnel. (Music Department)