Take Those Noisy Kids Home!
October 1975

“Take Those Noisy Kids Home!” Ensign, Oct. 1975, 65–66

“Take Those Noisy Kids Home!”

The Joneses were an active, stalwart family in the ward. Their six children, ages 13 to two years old, were lively youngsters, full of enthusiasm, curiosity, health, laughter, and loud noises. When we moved into the ward they were among the first to extend warm greetings. We accepted calls to serve in various positions, and I found myself working happily in the same organization as Sister Jones.

She was always faithful and cheerful, a good influence on all those with whom she came in contact. Someone complained to her once that they had had their feelings hurt by another. They were embittered. Sister Jones listened, and then she said, “Let me tell you about my own experience.

“We had moved into a new ward, and sometimes our six children were noisy in meetings. My policy was to take the noisy ones out of the chapel and talk to them, then bring them back in when I knew they would behave. During one testimony meeting I had to take three youngsters out. Since it was a beautiful day, I took them outside on the lawn and talked with them.

“As we returned to the foyer, one of the presiding brethren of the ward came up to me and said, ‘Sister Jones, you have the loudest, noisiest children in the ward. Why don’t you take them and go home?’

“At this outburst, I stopped; my mouth opened, but no words came. My children were watching me. I felt that Heavenly Father was watching me. And this man who held the priesthood was watching, waiting for me to answer him. I swiftly, silently prayed to the Lord to help me say the right thing. My prayer was answered and the words came. Softly I said, ‘Brother, this church isn’t your church. It isn’t my church. It isn’t my children’s church. This church is the church of Jesus Christ. And he wants you in it. He wants me in it. And he wants my children in it.’

“Then I gathered my three youngsters and went back into the chapel.”

  • RuthAnn Boyer Randall, homemaker and mother of four children, serves as Primary chorister and inservice leader in the Lomond View Ward, Ogden Utah Farr West Stake.