“Mirthright,” Ensign, Apr. 1975, 74


    I always say a prayer when I leave our three-year-old Jason in Junior Sunday School. A few weeks ago he was particularly unhappy about my leaving him. When we got home, I asked him if he was a good boy in opening exercises. He gave me a look of utter amazement and said, “We don’t do no exercises! All we ever do is sing!”

    Sue Heaps
    Centerville, Utah

    As we came driving back into town after our vacation, we passed the church house. Our two-year-old shouted with glee, “Oh, look! There’s the church house!”

    Taking advantage of the teaching opportunity, I enthusiastically said, “Yes, and what do you do at the church house?”

    “Oh, just hush-up all the time,” came her flat reply.

    A. LaRaine Redd
    Monticello, Utah


    The message of philosophy

    Is easy to recall:

    Nothing is what seems to be,

    And the rest is not at all.

    Paul Armstrong
    Eugene, Oregon

    During her bedside prayer, my daughter earnestly began, “We don’t drink ’toffee, and we don’t eat ‘tiggerettes,’ but is it all right if we eat a few onions?”

    Linda Chadwick
    Lewiston, Utah

    During a recent family home evening 11-year-old Julie repeated the second commandment, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,” whereupon five-year-old Jane asked, “Mother, what is a craven image?”

    “A craven image,” replied mother smugly, “is the modern version.”

    Mrs. Dorothy C. Little
    Morgan, Utah

    In trying to illustrate the word “trust” to my two-year-old son, Nathan, I told him to get up on the couch and jump to his father. He promptly did this. Then I explained he would not have jumped to his father had he not trusted him. He mused over the idea for a moment and then said, “Let me trust you some more, Daddy.”

    Sherrie Dunford
    Provo, Utah

    After thanking our Father in heaven for the food and asking him to bless it, our grandson continued his blessing on the food by saying, “and bless our second helpings that they may nourish our bodies the same as the first helping.”

    Thomas Woznink
    Blanding, Utah

    My Primary class of 11-year-old boys had just received the lesson on the 13th Article of Faith. Each boy groaned over how long this article was, but tried hard to memorize it. Boy after boy recited it and received his emblem until one little redheaded boy got stuck. He struggled on:

    “… If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we … we … ,” he faltered.

    I hinted, “We sss …”

    He looked puzzled for only a moment and then finished triumphantly, “We celebrate!”

    Caroline Harper
    Spanish Fork, Utah

    Comment made by a stake president at stake conference: “Church is the only place I know of where when you come in last, you have to sit up front.”

    Mrs. Dan Deans
    Vernal, Utah

    My four-year-old son decided he wanted to write a letter to Heavenly Father after seeing his mother write a letter to her parents. He wrote diligently how thankful he was for the beautiful flowers, birds, and trees. My wife addressed and stamped her envelope, and my son wanted to do the same. His mother explained that we can talk with Heavenly Father directly through prayer, which is better than writing, but that we cannot send him a letter because he has not given us his address. Very patiently, he continued, “Well, Mommy, if Heavenly Father lives in the sky, we could just send it airmail.”

    Don L. Searle, Jr.
    Orem, Utah

    Sinking Feeling

    My children’s hands are now scrubbed clean,

    Their faces, gleaming pink,

    But all the dirt has not gone far—

    It’s smeared around the sink.

    Donna Evleth
    Los Gatos, California