President Lee Visits Hill Cumorah Pageant

    “President Lee Visits Hill Cumorah Pageant,” Ensign, Oct. 1973, 92–93

    President Lee Visits Hill Cumorah Pageant

    President Harold B. Lee attended the opening night performance of the Hill Cumorah Pageant this year, the first time he has visited the “birthplace” of the Church since becoming its president.

    While in Palmyra, New York, early home of Joseph Smith and site of the Hill Cumorah, he addressed several Church meetings at the pageant site and in the Palmyra Ward chapel.

    The pageant, titled “America’s Witness for Christ,” is based on scenes from the Bible and Book of Mormon and features a volunteer cast of 600.

    The side of Hill Cumorah was turned into a giant stage and amphitheater for the large audience of Canadians and Americans who came to see the nationally famous pageant. For the cast, one of the highlights was the opportunity to meet and hear the counsel of President Harold B. Lee. He addressed a special meeting of cast members and missionaries held in the Sacred Grove, site of the first vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith.