After All

“After All,” Ensign, Aug. 1973, 88

After All

As we quietly congratulated ourselves on what we thought was a good Junior Sunday School presentation on the priesthood, one little three-year-old broke into tears. We tried vainly to comfort her and finally took her to her parents. They quickly calmed her down and were able to reassure her that she need not be afraid of the priesthood “bears.”

Diane Adams
Brockport, New York

One evening while Father was out of town, Mother took my brother and me to a restaurant for dinner. As we prepared to leave, she placed a tip on the table for the waitress. When my brother said he thought it was too much, Mother explained that it was customary to leave more than ten percent of the bill. Much dismayed, my brother exclaimed, “You’re not going to give the waitress more than you do the Lord!”

Candi Coy
Seattle, Washington

Upon returning home from a Junior Sunday School class on faith, Ricky was asked by his mother, “What did you learn this morning?” “We learned about Elijah being fed by the ravens.” “What did that teach you?” “It taught me to always take a lunch!”

Jace Johnson
Pocatello, Idaho

It is not unusual for our children to sing songs they have learned in church, but it is unusual if they get all the words right. Recently we were treated to our five-year-old’s version of the chorus of “Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing,” as she joyfully sang, “O refreshments, O refreshments. …”

Margaret Zug
Conway, Arkansas

Our Sunday School president followed the regular pattern when he excused teachers to go to their classrooms first, then added, “After the teachers leave, the rest of us will pass out reverently.”

Val C. Wilcox
Provo, Utah


By Paul Armstrong

My overweight condition for just now

Makes a demand that hurts:

The statement on my scales just won’t allow

My just desserts.