New General Manager for Deseret Press
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“New General Manager for Deseret Press,” Ensign, Aug. 1973, 81

New General Manager for Deseret Press

Kay A. Schwendiman is the new general manager of the Deseret Press, commercial printing operation of the Church-owned Deseret News Publishing Company. He succeeds Dr. O. Preston Robinson, who has retired.

Brother Schwendiman is a member of the Church’s Military Relations Committee and is a Regional Representative of the Twelve.

In stating the goals of the Deseret Press, he said, “Our aim is to satisfy the needs of the Church by taking care of as many of its printing requirements as we can.”

He noted that improvements during the past year have made the press better able to serve the Church. For example, a new high speed web press, which is now being used for the printing of the Ensign, is one and a half times faster than the old equipment and “improves the quality as well.”

Prior to joining the Deseret Press, Brother Schwendiman was vice-president and manager of Utah Printing Company for approximately 15 years.