The Relief Society

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“The Relief Society,” Ensign, Mar. 1972, 25

The Relief Society

(Note: One hundred and thirty years ago, on March 17, 1842, the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized through the Prophet Joseph Smith, to bless women and their homes the world over.)

To speak of this society

Is to speak of love,

For this society began with charity

And a woman’s heart

And a woman’s hands.

As woman whispered her longings

To the Prophet,

In gladness

He called down the keys of the kingdom

For woman in this society.

Then he spoke to her:


That you may detect all that is false;

Resist all that is evil. …

An innocent soul cannot be overthrown.

Woman of this society,

Improve your light and wisdom,

Increase in innocence,

Increase in virtue,

Increase in goodness.

Save yourself.

“In your bosom God planted

Tones of love.

Live up to the warm gift within.

Angels will encircle you;

God will gather you to him.

“Woman of this society,

Magnify your calling.

Labor with those near—

Your friends and acquaintances.

Cradle your fellow-creatures to your bosom;

Be indulgent parents to their failings—

For how precious are the souls of men.

“As swift as rushing waters,

Knowledge and intelligence shall flow down

To vanquish the blackness of day:

Widows shall not weep,

The sheaf shall be threshed for the hungry,

Wounded souls shall be healed,

Hidden sorrow shall cease,

The wilderness become gentle.”

And the Prophet’s voice came golden,

And woman listened.

“Let the heavens witness!

Record on high,

Engraven with a diamond pen!

Never have I been in similar circumstances.

Never have I given such instructions.

Fresh glory mantles the world

And bids sadness away

And receives the treasures of clean hands,

Which grow stronger and stronger

As they erase bitter complaints

And pain of heavier groanings.

“Crown of the world—woman of this society,

Go softly all of your years,

For these things are the life of the spirit.”