Our Readers Write

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“Our Readers Write,” Ensign, Mar. 1972, 76

Our Readers Write

Old and New Worlds


I would like to add something to the article by Cyrus H. Gordon, “Pre-Columbian Discoveries Link Old and New Worlds” [October, page 56]. Joseph Smith said, “If there was anything great or good in the world, it came from God. The construction of the first vessel was given to Noah, by revelation. … The learning of the Egyptians, and their knowledge of astronomy was no doubt taught them by Abraham and Joseph, as their records testify, who received it from the Lord. The art of working in brass, silver, gold, and precious stones was taught by revelation, in the wilderness. … If Nebuchadnezzar, or Darius, or Cyrus, or any other king possessed knowledge or power, it was from the same source, as the Scriptures abundantly testify.” (Documentary History of the Church, vol. 5, p. 63.)

Linda Werner
Los Alamos, New Mexico

The Obscenity Flood


Don L. Searle’s excellent article “The Obscenity Flood: Can It Be Stopped?” [October, p. 21] deals with the most repulsive, demoralizing events that currently exist in our country.

How can responsible people, who are supposed to uphold our judicial system, be so ignorant to all the filth, smut, and pornography that flourish so in our country? Just how can any decent human being say that “pornography cannot be labeled harmful, and it should be up to each individual whether he chooses to steep himself in erotica”? If this is what people on the U.S. Effects Panel advocate, then I wonder if they are fit to judge for the masses.

I’m the father of five beautiful children, and I’m doing my best to give them a good start in life. We are grateful for the Church and the Lord’s daily guidance, but there are millions of people who don’t have this nor do they desire it; thus, filth, smut, and pornography will continue to flourish.

It is going to take a miracle to put an end to this sort of corruption. Mr. Searle is a knowledgeable man on this subject, and I just hope and pray that others will do their part to bring about a change in laws that deal with obscenity. I would like to see more people attack this issue with extreme vigor. More needs to be said about this subject.

Major Donald E. Evett
APO San Francisco, California

People’s Republic of China


Recently we have seen and heard a great deal about China. The People’s Republic of China was admitted into the United Nations, and President Richard M. Nixon scheduled a trip to Peking in late February. There will definitely be more news in the future. How does China relate to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

If we are the true church, we have the responsibility of bringing the gospel to the 800,000,000 people there. Within the past couple of months several significant things have happened in this regard. The printing of the Chinese translation of the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price is almost ready for completion. The Chinese translation of the temple endowment and other works have been completed. Consequently, President and Sister Poon from Hong Kong and President and Sister Ch’e from the Republic of China came to Salt Lake City to begin temple work for people from that area, which comprises a quarter of the world’s population. The work of the Lord will go forward.

Charles V. Naumu
Provo, Utah

Ensign in Ireland


I noticed in previous issues of the Ensign that you have received letters from readers in troubled areas of the world, particularly Vietnam. I thought it would be interesting for you to know that the Ensign is being read in the troubled spots of Northern Ireland as well.

I am in the British army serving in Northern Ireland, and thanks to the Ensign I am able to keep my spirits high. This is my only contact with the Church while I am away from my family and local branch, for I am the only member of the Church in this regiment. It is a great help to know that the words of men of God are near at hand to bring spiritual warmth when one is confronted with the cold reality of the trouble and fighting all around.

God bless you all in your worthwhile work.

Christopher G. Spreckley
Omagh, N. Ireland

Searching Inward


Many thanks to Brother Bruce D. Porter for his inspiring article, “Searching Inward” [November, page 62]. From President David O. McKay’s “Ten Rules of Happiness,” one of the rules, recognizing that every living thing can grow, suggests that we should use the world wisely to realize soul growth.

Brother Porter has certainly challenged all members of the Church with some wonderful soul-building, motivating, and inspiring suggestions.

Dale D. Jensen
Bountiful, Utah

Mormon Celestial Culture


We received the August Ensign as a gift and were greatly impressed by each article. As we read through again the article “The Universality of the Gospel,” by Brother and Sister DeHoyos, we could identify many of our unexpressed thoughts and were comforted to know that someone understands the very real barriers faced by non-Anglo converts. We firmly believe that by following these lines of thought, we will be able to understand one another more fully and will thereby fit much better into our Mormon culture. We would stimulate others to express their ideas on this.

Many times we have attributed the inactivity of our non-Anglo brethren to the fact that they have not gained a testimony. Might it not be in many cases that we have tried to integrate them into an Anglo-American-Mormon culture instead of a Mormon-celestial culture? We sincerely congratulate the Ensign and Brother and Sister DeHoyos for this timely contribution.

David and Nellis Anderson
San Luis, Argentina