Our Readers Write
September 1971

“Our Readers Write,” Ensign, Sept. 1971, 74

Our Readers Write

Indian Coverage


Coincidentally, two magazines with American Indians pictured on their covers arrived in our mailbox on the very same day. Life’s article seemed sadly inadequate. How blessed we are to be able to refer to our Ensign [July issue] for a complete history of the Lamanites in the Americas—their pride, their present activities, and their rich promise. God bless them. We especially enjoyed Brother LeRoi Smith’s “The Vanished American” article. There are also many of us white men who cannot adjust to the white man’s clock.

Val C. Wilcox
Provo, Utah

Not Disappointed


I was unhappy to read the letters of those “disappointed” readers who were not pleased with the newly published magazine [July, p. 73]. I like the Ensign. I like everything about it. My only suggestion would be to combine the three new magazines into one.

Eldred H. Erickson
Ogden, Utah


I must commend you on the beauty of the Ensign and its marvelous messages. I have just finished reading, from cover to cover, the June issue containing the words of our prophet and the leaders of our church. Where else can we get such inspiration and uplifting reading but from the new magazines that are being published by the Church. There isn’t a magazine on the newsstand today that by comparison does not make one realize our magazines are the best that this world has to offer. They have strengthened my testimony very much and made me proud to be a member of this glorious church. I must say that the New Era issue devoted to temple marriage is the most beautiful piece of work I have ever read. I will hold it sacred. How wonderful for the newly married and older married to renew and review the most important step in their lives. It is truly the work of the Lord.

Mrs. Leon R. Moyes
San Diego, California

South African View


As a foreign student on the American Field Service exchange program, I recently spent a year in American Fork, Utah. During this year I was a member of a devout Latter-day Saint family and participated in several Church activities, including a seminary class that I attended at the high school.

I am a practicing Roman Catholic, yet I would like to say how much my LDS connections now mean to me. My experiences in a predominantly Mormon community were very interesting, often difficult and puzzling, and sometimes required much soul searching. On the whole, I have been extremely impressed by the LDS standards and way of life, and I feel there can be no better reflection on a church than the fact that its members are so honestly and actively involved in furthering the work of their church.

This contact made my stay in the United States all the more worthwhile, and I have come to appreciate it far more when I realize how much deeper is my commitment to my own church and country as a result.

I have enjoyed receiving your new magazine very much, and, as a nineteen-year-old, find it most stimulating. I particularly enjoy the articles on other religions, among them the article by Dr. Horsley, entitled “Roman Catholicism,” in the April issue.

Kathleen M. Satchwell
Grahamstown, South Africa

Religious Youth Movement


In reply to Margaret Mead’s statement concerning the inadequacy of the religious movement of modern youth [June, page 123], I feel that some of the positive aspects of this movement should be considered. This religious revival seems to be a healthy change from the somewhat hedonistic approach to life (drugs, etc.) previously explored by young people. It is also, I feel, a positive step toward conversion to the fullness of the gospel, which apparently they are seeking.

Perhaps we should support this latter-day generation in every way possible, in order to bring them to the knowledge of the eternal plan of salvation.

Harry Johnson, Jr.
Santa Barbara, California

Vietnam Bunker


Enclosed is a snapshot taken inside a defensive bunker on the F.S.B. Fontaine a few months ago. Your fine magazine even makes it over here to Vietnam and us “Grunts” who prowl the rainy, insect-infested, damp jungles in search of the elusive VC/NVA. Through my sharing of the Ensign, I think several people have become interested in the Church. Keep the good work coming.

Sgt. Wayne H. Robinson
1st Cavalry Division, Vietnam

Cover to Cover


Although I travel throughout the entire United States and have done so since 1968, I have only recently set the goal of reading all of every Ensign each month, and more specifically I have memorized some articles (mostly “The Spoken Word”) and many poems. As these beautiful truths become part of my subconscious, I thrill to the contents of the magazine from cover to cover.

D. A. “Joe” Green
Pocatello, Idaho

An Investigator


I would like to commend you for creating such a superior magazine as the Ensign. I thoroughly enjoy every article and find so many fantastic statements backed up with such conviction, wisdom, and truth that I, still an unbaptized investigator—but not for long—cannot help but believe that you must be right.

Joseph De Castro, Jr.
Marshfield, Massachusetts

Ensign in Scotland


A young man about sixteen called at our new Church building to see if he could look around. While I was showing him around the building, I told him a little about the Church, and we got on to our magazines and newspapers. I decided to mail copies of the Ensign to him, and in doing so I began reading again the very first issue. When I finished the story “The Book,” by Sister Helen Pearson, I cried. This story makes me realize what a wonderful example we can be if we truly live our faith. I would be very grateful if you would thank Sister Pearson for me, for I was feeling very low and her story gave me a wonderful spiritual uplift.

I don’t know if our visitor will seek the Church in his own area, but I do know that he will gain much from the Ensign.

Mary A. Cosgrove
Glasgow, Scotland

“Awakening Guatemala”


I was touched by one of your articles in the July Ensign, entitled “Awakening Guatemala” [p. 24], and the work Cordell Anderson is doing. I would like to know his address in Guatemala. I feel it is my obligation to send him help by whatever means possible. Many of the other articles about our Lamanite brothers showed how we have been neglecting them and taking them for granted. May God help us to be more diligent in our labors toward them.

Don Fisk
Ferron, Utah

For those who are interested, Cordell Anderson may be reached at:

Paradise Valley
Apt. #25
Coban, A. V.