Bleach as a Water Purifier
September 1971

“Bleach as a Water Purifier,” Ensign, Sept. 1971, 77

Bleach as a Water Purifier

Knowing that many Church members store water in empty bleach bottles, I was concerned when I read on the Clorox bottle label a warning not to use that bottle for storage of any liquid other than Clorox.

I wrote to the Clorox Company for advice on this matter and received a letter stating that water can be stored in empty Clorox bottles if done in the proper way. Facts about Bleach, a booklet enclosed with the answer to my letter, gave the correct way to use Clorox as a water purifier.

“Although our current label says not to use the Clorox bottle for storage of any liquid except Clorox, it is safe to use the bottle for the storage of water after the bottle has been rinsed out with water and proper procedures are followed. Rinsing the bottle before adding water will avoid getting too much or too little Clorox in the water for purifying. Too much Clorox would not be harmful, but it would cause the water to be distasteful.”

To purify water, the instructions are: “Add 1 teaspoon Clorox to 5 gallons of water, or 16 drops of Clorox per gallon of water, or 4 drops Clorox per quart of water. Mix well. Let stand five minutes before drinking.”

Mrs. Sylvia McAdams

Art by Richard Hull