After All
July 1971

“After All,” Ensign, July 1971, 79

After All

My little sister poured milk into her glass until it overflowed—and kept on pouring until the pitcher was empty. When Mother asked her what she was doing, she explained, “Well, I thought that, if I poured fast enough, I would get it all in.”

—Judy Spackman
Trenton, Utah

The True Picture

Though picture windows are designed

With panoramic views in mind—

A seascape or a sweep of hill,

A meadow or a wooded spill,

A city overview where nights

Are lit by myriads of lights—

The view spread out for my regard

Is just my neighbor’s house and yard.

—Donna Evleth
Los Gatos, California

Our Relief Society teacher was telling of the trials of living with an eternal optimist. “When I’m blue,” she said, “my husband says, ‘Count your blessings—think of our eight beautiful children,’ and when I say it is the children that are upsetting me, he says, ‘Well, then, think how lucky you are that there are only eight.’”

—Ruth W. Andrews
Valley Center, California

Funny how tight our weekly schedules appear when we have not yet done our home teaching —and how much leisure time we have once it is done.

—Walt Ogden
Columbia, Missouri

It was the last half hour of our ward’s session at the bishop’s storehouse cannery, and we were filling and labeling a seemingly endless supply of cans. Just as I was beginning to wonder if I could endure to the end, someone remarked, “At nine o’clock I turn into a pumpkin.” An instant reply from one of the boys was, “Better not, or we’ll can you.”

—Zola S. Stallings
Mesa, Arizona