Navajo Taco
July 1971

“Navajo Taco,” Ensign, July 1971, 79

Navajo Taco

Now that your readers have made and tasted Navajo fry bread [March 1971], they will be ready to make the Navajo taco.

The Navajo taco was originated at Window Rock, home of the Navajo tribal council, at the old Navajo Inn restaurant by a Greek chef who wanted to create a food specialty of and for the reservation. The tacos were sold at Tuba City, and now they are a favorite of the entire reservation.

We of the Southwest Indian Mission MIA board like to serve them at our social events. The Indians like them and enjoy making them.


Make enough fry bread—each piece the size of a dinner plate—for as many as you wish to serve. On top of the fry bread sprinkle chopped lettuce. Over the lettuce generously spread chili beans that have cooked long and are very soft and like paste, or use refried beans cooked with hamburger. On top of the beans sprinkle grated cheese, and top with tomato slices, green chili (a favorite of the reservation), or whatever else you desire. Serve hot with hot sauce.

Patricia A. Decker