Jot It Down
June 1971

“Jot It Down,” Ensign, June 1971, 127

Jot It Down

Sometimes the simplest suggestion is a real time and energy saver. Purchase a desk calendar of the type that has a page for every day. This sounds far too simple to be as valuable as the twenty-five-cent purchase will prove to be.

On the proper pages of this calendar jot down the dates you want to remember: birthdays when you want to remember a friend or relative with a card or perhaps a call. Anniversaries of the family should be recorded, as well as dates that insurance and taxes are due (make a memo about these a few days ahead of time).

List all the important things for all the family—dental and doctor appointments, perhaps payments on the car, the afternoon promised to help with Red Cross, the schedule for Cub Scout swimming lessons. Special meetings and activities of the ward and stake need reminders sometimes. Music lessons, dancing lessons, and ball practice can be noted. Make it a family affair. Don’t forget that early morning hour promised at the welfare farm or orchard. A concert, a PTA meeting—jot it down.

Such a pad will give you a wonderful feeling of efficiency once you start using it.

—Louise Price Bell